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In the beginning you wanted to opt out of the employment jungle and build something for yourself. You wanted to be your own boss. That’s why you set up your company – to sell your products or services the way you thought it should be done – away from the political corporate world.

So, are you happy with where you have got to? Are you close to fulfilling that vision?

How much of the day to day jungle of administration gets in your way and is preventing you from getting where you want to be? You may not have thought about having to be a manager, about how to run the business itself with staffing problems, accounting systems, unhelpful banks, logistics, facilities, computers and IT, sales and marketing. What about cash flow? That is so often a problem in even a successful business.

Many MDs and owner-managers simply need more time – time to get back to running their core business, being creative, developing new products and services and to plan new sales strategies.

Are you running your business or is your business running you? Find another way!

Exemplary Consulting is part of a network of business support professionals and experts throughout the UK, dedicated to developing, supporting and representing the interests of businesses just like yours.

We are mature, experienced problem-solvers – professional and focused on results. As soon as you engage us we will identify and address your most vital business issues and deliver the real, practical solutions you need.

Do you think you want a report on the health of your business? Well, we won’t waste your time writing a plan you won’t have time to implement (even if you have time to read it) rather than just adding it to the pile of paper on your desk. We want to get rid of the paper cluttering your desk.

Our business is to provide hands on help from the specialists best qualified to help you, whether you think you have a problem or whether you simply want to get where you want to be faster!

We deliver practical cost effective advice to help you deal with the day to day running of the business and to achieve the growth and success you seek. What are you waiting for?

With a free initial discussion, what have you got to lose? Contact Jon Stow at Exemplary Consulting today.