Practical business help

Whether your business is an SME with a turnover of several million or you have a start-up or micro-business or anything in-between, we can offer hands-on help when it matters. We won’t give you a report you don’t have time to action (unless you really want a report); no, we will sit beside you and get involved in your business to whatever extent you wish. We can be your mentor and business friend and we can clear that urgent stuff that needs attention by doing it ourselves. If what is required is not within our expertise we know and can vouch for many specialists whom we can introduce to you, and they will give you the same practical help in whatever area you need.

Just look at our list of skills available and then give us a call on 0845 456 3583.

Change management
Cost reduction
Credit and cash flow management
Energy and environment management
Exit planning
Food industry
Fraud investigation
Funding, loans and grants
Health and safety
HR services and support
Improving business and worker performance
Intellectual property, inventions and patents
Internet and e-business
IT infrastructure and support
Management accounting
Operations management
Property management
Quality systems and ISO 9000
Sales and marketing
Sales, acquisitions and mergers
Strategic business planning
Supply chain management
Taxation both direct and indirect
Turnaround, recovery and restructuring